The Fashion Sector

The Fashion Sector

Fashion is one of Apulia’s traditional strengths. Today, it is a sector in the throes of a huge change in which creative talents and businessmen are working together to foster innovation, research and development. New materials, state-of-the-art technology and the diversification of products are just some of the strengths of a sector that has become a reference point for international markets. Apulian fashion is now a reality that is constantly developing, one that has proved it can keep up with market trends and re-position itself in order to aim for even higher targets. The number of brands and young Apulian designers achieving international recognition and are helping to take the “made in Puglia” brand across the world continues to grow. Many businesses – scattered throughout the region – are involved in the production of clothing, knitwear and in providing services. The manufacture of textiles and shoes are two more branches of this sector.

The manufacturing of clothing, however, lies at the heart of Apulia’s fashion sector, and it encompasses everything from outerwear to lingerie, knitwear to ceremonial wear – even socks, stockings and tights! Alongside the many businesses that are sub-contractors Working alongside the many businesses sub-contracted by those who lead the world of made in Italy fashion, an increasing number of young businesses are proving their worth by successfully placing new and original brands and collections on the market. The jewel in this sector’s crown, however, is the production of bridal wear by various local fashion houses. Exquisite tailoring skills, beautiful materials, creativity and entrepreneurship have turned traditional needle and pillow lace into an economic reality in which Apulia leads the nation. Spun yarn is another dynamic reality present across the region and one keen to experiment, working hand-in-hand with research centres, universities and businesses to test out new materials and sustainable productive processes. The manufacture of shoes is another traditional branch of this sector, and one recognised for the levels of excellence it has achieved, especially in the areas of work shoes and safety footwear. This speciality field, characterized by the high quality and trustworthiness of its creations, is increasingly innovative and always consonant with the dynamics of international markets

Today, Apulia’s fashion sector is more than able to compete on international markets thanks to the coming together of craftsmanship and technology, expert workers and innovative, sustainable materials. It means that Apulia is now a proud contributor to the excellence of “made in Italy” fashion.

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Apulia's productive fashion business

Apulia’s productive fashion business cluster was specifically established to change the sector into an internationally recognized excellence by improving the region’s creative talent and quality of goods thereby increasing the capacity to produce innovative fashion and vitalize local brands.

The cluster also works hard to improve the way businesses in the sector respond to changes in economic scenarios and to strengthen their presence on international markets. The cluster includes 243 businesses, 4 uni versities and research cetres, 3 trade unions, 20 sectorial bodies and associations.

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