The Creative Industry Sector

The Creative Industry Sector

As a region with a strong tradition in arts such as music, dance and the theatre, Apulia has adopted culture and creativity as elements with which to build for its future and to do so in a sustainable way. Creativity is not merely an aspect of cultural progress, it also stimulates economic and industrial growth in various productive sectors.

In the national distribution plan of EU regional development funds 2007/2013, Apulia was the only Italian region to consider that creativity acts as a stimulus for competitive growth and development; it established policies specific to the various districts of the creative industry across the region and that supported creative start-ups. There have been many calls to tender and ad-hoc initiatives over the years that are the reason why today, Apulia holds third place nationally in terms of the number of companies in the cultural sector set up by young entrepreneurs.

Apulia’s creative industry has not simply invested in the more classic artistic pursuits, it has also specialised and established itself as one of the country’s regions of excellence in other areas, such as – to name but two - cinematography and publishing. In 2013 alone, both cinema and TV production companies chose Apulia as the perfect location for filming. Thanks to realities like the Apulia Film Commission, a foundation that receives substantial support from the regional government, Apulia has become a firm favourite amongst directors and producers, not just because of its beautiful land and seascapes, but also because the cost of the services they need is extremely competitive and those who provide them, highly professional.

The music sector continues to ensure Apulia has great visibility – and not just in Italy. With an established reputation for seasons of symphonic music in its most prestigious theatres, in recent years, rhythms and dances linked to the region’s popular culture have also been enjoying great success and are attracting audiences from all over the world. A worthy example is “la Notte della Taranta”, a festival dedicated to music typical of the Salento district that has earned itself international acclaim.

Another important example is the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, a company established for the precise purpose of disseminating a culture of theatre, dance and music as widely as possible. Active since 1979, it has undoubtedly succeeded in its aim, organizing activities throughout the region using funds generated by those with an active interest and involvement in such matters. In addition to the numerous initiatives of the theatre itself, there are many other smaller and much newer associations scattered across the territory that are also playing their part in making Apulia a region rich in culture.

The use of new technologies has also contributed to the liveliness and dynamism in the arts: video mapping, sound design, animation and digital imaging are just a few of the new art forms that use technology as a creative tool and that lead to the birth of new talents and initiatives which place Apulia on the world stage every year.


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“Creative Apulia” business cluster

The “Puglia Creativa” business cluster was born of the need of businesses in the sector to create a co- operative network able to improve, innovate and develop the entire creative production chain. The cluster’s primary objectives were not only to advance the businesses involved, support research and develop the technological infrastructure but also to design more functional organizational and administrative models and introduce territorial-wide marketing activities, protect intellectual property rights and facilitate access to credit. The cluster includes 57 businesses, 2 trade union and sector-business associations, 3 local authorities, associations, public bodies and chambers of commerce, 38 private associations, foundations and consortia, 3 universities and research centres.

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Active since 2009, the DIALOGOI (regional communications, publishing, graphics and specialist printing industry) business cluster comprises businesses of different sizes and activities with a view to establishing a single network able to compete on both national and international markets. The cluster directs its attention towards the entire Mediterranean basin hoping to become a hub that will attract all the talented and creative people in the area. The cluster includes 74 businesses, 4 trade union and sector-business associations, 1 local authority, association, public body and chamber of commerce, 28 private associations, foundations and consortia, 1 university and research centre.

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