The Aerospace sector

Today, Apulia is one of Italy’s top regions in terms of aerospace activity. Apulia’s aerospace industry has continued to extend across the territory, thanks in part to the immense synergy created between large, medium-sized and small companies, local administrations and research centers that have, between them, created a true regional hub of excellence.

Several of the region’s large companies also drew on smaller concerns to join them in the creation of the region’s successful industrial network.
Apulia is the only Italian region that not only accommodates the entire production chain, from manufacturing components to the creation of software, it is also home to companies in different design and production sectors, from fixed-wing aircraft to helicopters, aerospace propulsion and software and state-of-the-art technology for use in composite materials in carbon fibre for which Apulia is an acknowledged world-leader.

The main fields of specialization are:

  •     Design and construction of aircraft and their components, both mechanic al and electronic
  •     Aircraft production and assembly
  •     Production of aircraft interiors
  •     Quality control
  •     Design, production and testing of structures in carbon -fibre composite materials
  •     Design , production , testing and maintenance of structures in metals and ceramics for use in engines and aeronautics
  •     Technologies for sensor and mechanical systems
  •     Smart structures made fro m composite materials
  •     Intelligent engine , aeronautical and space systems
  •     Remote tracking

Among the various made in Puglia products, the most important is the manufacture of some of the components used in the Boing 787 Dreamliner, the most innovative airliner - in terms of its aerodynamics and the materials utilized -currently in use by major airlines.
Civil and military aircraft, the latest generation of drones, airframes for commercial airlines and ultralight leisure craft are also produced in Apulia.

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Apulian Aerospace Business Cluster (DAP)

The regional government commitment, in the case of the aerospace sector, led to the establishment of the Apulian Aerospace Business Cluster (DAP) and thereafter to meta- business clusters that today operate on a national level, as well as the Apulian Aerospace Technological Cluster (DTA). Both clusters actively seek to increase production and competitiveness, create innovation, stimulate and support research and training and ultimately, foster the internationalization of local enterprises.
The Apulian Aerospace Business Cluster (DAP) joins 57 companies, 8 universities and research centers, 8 government agencies , union and sector - business associations.

For further information regarding the initiatives of the Apulian Aerospace Business Cluster: - info@

Apulian Aerospace Technological Cluster (DTA)

The Apulian Aerospace Technological Cluster (DTA) joins 7 universities and research centers and 12 companies.

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