Business Specializations

History, culture and tradition, together with research and innovation, are the keys to the success of “Made in Apulia”: a wide-ranging system for manufacturing excellence. Apulian production policies are aimed at strengthening the region’s “Smart specialisations”, that is the “intelligent” business sectors, as identified by the European Union’s “Europe 2020 Strategy” based on the intelligent, inclusive and sustainable territories development. The model is thus intended to create a regional economic system that takes account of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, investing in research and education and at the same time to take care of workers and their health. This is a highly manufacturing system, which places the individual at the centre of its activity. Based on this objective, the regional government has identified three key areas for innovation in Apulia: sustainable manufacturing; human and environmental health; the digital, creative, inclusive community. a loro salute. Un sistema produttivo fortemente innovativo che pone al centro delle proprie attività l’uomo. Con questo obiettivo sono state individuate tre aree di innovazione prioritarie per la Puglia: manifattura sostenibile, salute dell’uomo e dell’ambiente e comunità digitali, creative e inclusive.