The Leisure Boat Sector

The Leisure Boat Sector

Apulia is characterized by its strategic geographic position, as a bridge between East and West, a gateway to the Balkans, a coastline that stretches for some 865 km, 3 major ports (Bari, Brindisi and Taranto) and 6 minor. The combination of these features, the beauty of the sea, a year-round mild climate and a great many ports, marinas, natural harbours and landing stages, together with a modern and dynamic industrial system, has turned Apulia into the perfect place for leisure boating to flourish.
Companies operating in this sector in Apulia devoted to the building and maintenance of boats, cover the entire productive cycle: design, construction, the manufacture of individual components, assembly, fitting and furnishing.
A particularly skilled manual workforce vies, but also joins forces with modern technology, which results in levels of excellence and top quality designs. It is a blend of innovation and tradition that involves the entire boating network and a full range of services in the nautical supply chain that also include mooring fees, maintenance and dry berthing.

Tradition, innovation and everything in between is the key to Apulia’s leisure boat sector. It is a sector that fosters research and innovation, moving the traditional production network towards increasingly advanced technological procedures that make full use of innovative materials and environmentally sustainable components resulting in lighter but stronger boats that use less fuel.
It is a sector where “axe-wielding” masters coexist with cutting edge companies that export all over the world.

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The boating industry business cluster

The Boating industry Business Cluster has the aim of sustaining the marine and boating sector related to tourism, which is another important component of the regional economic system.
Its strategic objectives are:

  1. Business Systems: favor the birth of new entrepreneurial approaches that reinforce the existing actors and at the same time generate new activity in the marine-relate productive sectors.
  2. Recreational port and marine tourism systems: favor the integration and development of the marine sectors related to tourism, to strengthen the offer and improve the quality or regional tourism services.

The cluster includes 151 companies, 8 Research centres, universities and training institutions, 18 government agencies, union and sector -business associations.

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