The Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Sector

The Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Sector

In Apulia, the mechanical engineering sector - particularly mechatronics – is well-established throughout the region and in fact it has grown so much that it is now of international importance.

The sector is represented by a highly specialised chain in which traditional areas of interest, such as the production of agricultural machinery, the food industry, earth moving, the manufacture of mechanical and electrical components and working with metals, are now flanked by the highly innovative area of mechatronics that is a veritable driving force for Apulia’s entire mechanical engineering sector.

The sector is active right across the region, but is particularly concentrated in the Province of Bari which has become a true hub of excellence in the fields of industrial automation, oleo dynamic drilling machinery and control devices used by the railways. It is a sector in which big business – some multi-national even – works alongside small and medium-sized companies as well as the research network, which means that the integration of public and private concerns is one of its greatest assets. Apulian mechatronics serves various productive sectors although in Apulia it is mostly involved with the rail transport, automotive, leisure boating, aerospace and bio- medical industries.

Apulia’s regional government fully intends to invest further in the mechanical engineering sector in the very near future with a view to making it smarter and more competitive and sustainable than ever. The real challenge lies in maintaining competitiveness, efficiency and technological excellence in order to expand on both national and foreign markets as well as generating sustainable growth. The regional government is committed to helping the entire mechanical engineering sector grow and to do so in a sustainable manner both in terms of the environment and socially, hence the introduction of such substantial public incentives.

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The Apulian Mechanical Business Cluster

The Apulian Mechanical Business Cluster was created with the objective of sustaining sustainable growth in the sectorial companies, assisting them to address international competition with ever greater strength. Education, innovation and internationalization are the key terms guiding the cluster in the establishment of instruments that favor the actors of Apulian mechanical industry. The cluster includes 104 companies, 5 universities and research centers, 10 government agencies, union and sector-business associations.

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Apulian Technological Cluster Of Mechatronics - Medis

The Technological Clusters programs is to optimize the excellence of Apulia’s scientific structures, thus to contribute to the social and economic growth of the territory through development and diffusion of knowledge. The actions of the Apulian Technological Cluster of Mechatronics - Medis have three objectives: bringing Apulia to leadership in the research-based development of mechatronic products, able to compete at the global level; consolidating and activating applied research activities for the development of new patents; supporting Apulian SME in the development of high value-added products, within the logic of territorial production chains. MEDIS also promotes projects for research and development in the key enabling technologies that the Region of Apulia has identified as strategic for future development: micro and nanoelectronics, photonics, advanced materials, and advanced production systems. The cluster includes 8 Companies, 4 Universities and research centers, 1 Associations relative to the category.

DHITECH, the Apulian High-Tech Technological Cluster

DHITECH, the Apulian High-Tech Technological Cluster, works for higher education, research and innovation across the different regional production sectors. The current projects are primarily in the areas of micro- electronics, biotechnology, aeronautics, ICT and lighting technology. The current DHITECH projects extend to the international level, thanks to the involvement of top companies, universities and research centers from elsewhere in Europe, alongside those of Apulia. The cluster includes 12 companies , 5 universities and research centers, 2 government agencies, union and sector -business associations .

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