Biotechnology Sector


The Biotechnology Sector

Apulia’s biotechnology sector, characterized by the emergence of a business network supported by a dynamic research system that has reached levels of excellence both qualitatively and quantitatively, is growing fast. The combination of businesses working hand-in-hand with a thriving group of universities, research centres, laboratories and consortia is helping the entire region to grow and prosper.

Apulian biotech concerns have specialized in very particular market niches and some are on their way to being international market leaders in their fields, thanks in part to the presence of two major, multi-national pharmaceutical companies. The existence of a research network working in tandem with these businesses leads to new projects, spin-offs and patents that also boost the regional economy. Regional biotech businesses work in various spheres that range from healthcare to industrial processes, but it is in bio-medicine and diagnostics that local research and businesses are achieving levels of excellence. Biotechnology in Apulia is not only working to improve human health, it is developing new materials and new productive processes, safer and tastier food, looking at animal health, safeguarding the environment and advancing bio computers. These sectors are proving to be a stimulus to growth and innovation in the region’s other productive sectors, including, for example, aerospace, mechatronics and textiles.

In looking at the future of this sector, the regional government of Apulia has identified several ways in which biotechnology should advance, both in terms of the areas in which the sector should concentrate and as a tool used to meet the social challenges that exist. This means that various branches of research and the transferral of functional technology will be used to build a new model for responsible economic growth that is both inclusive and sustainable.


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Apulian Biotech Technological Cluster (H-BIO)

The Apulian Biotech Technological Cluster (H-BIO) operates in the creation of synergies between the research and entrepreneurial spheres, for the development of the sector and the attraction of professionals and larger actors.
The activities of the H-BIO cluster respond to the needs of the citizens and their rights to advanced, innovative cures and therapies. Two other technological clusters also participate in projects relevant to their sectors: the Apulian High-Tech Technological Cluster (DHI TECH) and the Regional Agrifoods Cluster (DARE).
The H-Bio Cluster includes 20 companies, 4 Universities, 10 Research Centres, 3 Hospitalisation/Health-Care Research Centres (IRCSSS), 1 foundation and 1 related association.
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